STRAND’S main line of business is custom processing of stainless steel. Since 1966, STRAND has continued the Chrustenice tradition of producing technology for the agricultural and food-processing industries. The company has established two lines of business:

The conveyors and conveying systems“ division elaborates comprehensive solutions to inter-company transport and handling problems, primarily in operations with strict hygienic standards. The company has very good references in:

– implementing dispatching systems in meat-processing companies
– assembly lines in manufacturing process
– receiving and packing lines for poultry slaughterhouses
– conveyors for inter-company transport
– conveyors for filling, labelling and packing lines, as well as conveyors for special food preparation.

The construction and service alements“ division draws on its experience with custom production from stainless steel and flexible production capacities, allowing the company to meet a customer`s specific requirements. The company offers complete staircases and safety handrails, covering and decorative construction elements, external and internal orientation systems such as:

– indicators
– orientation boards
– shop signs
– wall boxes, etc. and services elements such as worktables, shelves frames, atypical sinks, parts for fume-cupboards, shop counters, etc.

All of above are made from stainless steel with ground, polished or sand-treated surface STRAND also offers aluminium, brass and construction steel working according to the customer’s specifications.